The XAI Primer

The Explainable Artificial Intelligence Primer lets you explore XAI strategies and applications to support designers conceptualising and developing new projects.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) processes typically combine various explanation and verification strategies to support the analysis in different domains.
We propose an exploratory interface depicting both XAI strategies and applications to support designers conceptualizing and developing new projects.
The XAI Primer is designed based on the metaphor of a museum. Designers can explore the presented ideation space as if they were artists visiting an art gallery. We enable serendipitous and guided explorations, allowing them to investigate and probe the state of the art as a source of inspiration.

The PROJECTION view lets you explore the correlation between tactics, strategies suitable for biulding XAI products and case studies. Guided tours provide curated and critical readings of the visualisation

The XAI Primer 2021